Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Can Find the Hits at everyHit

Now you too can impress your friends like I do by dropping little trivia teasers like, "Wasn't it Cliff Richard & The Shadows that sang the theme song from 'The Young Ones'? I think it went to No.1 in January of 1962..." is a website for fans of The British music scene from the beginning of the rock 'n' roll era right the way through to the present day.
It aims to inform about the world's fastest-moving and most vibrant music industry and promote it across the planet.

The site is non-profit making. There are no sponsors and no banner advertisements.
The database is a dream come true for professionals, music fans, and anoraks alike. It enables you to answer many types of questions which have, until now, been difficult to address.
  • List the hits of any artist (in date, chronological or alphabetical order).
  • Search for song titles - or titles containing a particular word or phrase.
  • List all of the tracks available during a specific period of time (monthly or more).
The best way to use the database is to have a play. So off you go!


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