Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VOX on a Roll with 15 New Products in 2010

VOX JUST KEEP ON ROLLIN’… 2010 has already seen some of the best and diverse new gear from VOX with the arrival of new guitars, hybrid amps and amps for acoustic & bass players. Now, Vox are rolling out even more great guitar gear with 15 new products on the way, making 2010 one of the most prolific years for VOX in decades.

The new product line up includes something for everyone, from flagship hand-wired valve AC30 & AC15s to smaller micro amps like the valve powered Lil’ Night Train. The new Valvetronix+ range pushes the realms of modeling technology even further with more amp models, more effects and more power. For practicing at home take a look at the mains/battery operated mini3 modeling amp or the new AC1 Rhythm Vox - a great jam-along desktop amp.

Last but by no means least, Vox have also been continuing their work with the legendary Joe Satriani who has helped to develop the 7th amPlug featuring Joe’s signature lead tone with your choice of delay on or off..



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