Sunday, October 03, 2010

How Well Do You Understand?

Occasionally, I have had to evaluate individuals for their skills and abilities. Here's a tool I've employed to aid in the process of matching workers and projects based on how well they understand the challenge at hand.

Level of Understanding

  1. No Understanding Demonstrated - “I don’t know it”
  2. Demonstrated Understanding - “I know it, but haven’t done it before”
  3. Demonstrated Understanding, Has Performed - “I know it and have done it before”
  4. Performs With Significant Direction - “I do it but often need help”
  5. Performs Regularly With Limited Direction - “Most times I’m okay but sometimes need help”
  6. Performs Independently - “I am comfortable doing it alone”
  7. Performs Independently, Able to Teach Others - “I know it well enough to show you how”


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