Saturday, October 09, 2010

Get Yourself Caught in a Crowdstorm

Here within lies the vision of Crowdstorm...

Up to 88% of people who buy online research before they buy, but it is a fragmented marketplace where users have to consult multiple sources to extract any relevant information (search engines, retailer web sites, brand sites, customer reviews, expert reviews, shopping comparison sites, and blogs). This can often lead to a time consuming and frustrating experience, especially when different sources give differing opinions, leaving the user to judge which of the sources to trust and are most relevant for them.
There is also no simple way to directly interact with these experts and trusted individuals in order to get advice and recommendations for a researchers’ unique personal situation. Crowdstorm attempts to address this market fragmentation by aggregating content from experts across the web (buyers guides, reviews, blog posts) and blend it with content and question / answer style advice from people you trust (friends, family, colleagues, peers...). The vision is to provide a single point of contact in helping users research products and find the right one for them before sending them off to the best place to buy it and at the right price. We also firmly believe in the web being an open platform where content lives and breathes in many different location, hence Crowdstorm has been built in this way from early on to let anyone submit content to and export from anywhere on the web - we want to be for product review content what Flickr is to photos. One day - everyone will "Crowdstorm It" when researching products!


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