Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 Smartest Ways to Live Beneath Your Means

From the Dumb Little Man archives...
  1. Whenever possible, buy store brands. 
  2. Avoid prepared foods.
  3. Shop at "you-bag-it" supermarkets. 
  4. Brown bag your lunch. 
  5. Don't buy clothes or shoes with designer labels. 
  6. Use coupons, but be smart about it. 
  7. Buy used books instead of new. 
  8. Keep your car as long as you can. 
  9. Severely restrict your credit card spending. 
  10. Reward yourself for your efforts. 
Much of living beneath your means requires seeing through the false promises of prestige and fulfillment found in advertising. You're too smart to fall for that. And, it takes discipline to resist peer pressure, but whenever you're doing something worthwhile, you have to stand up for your convictions. Living beneath your means is a proven way to avoid debt and the stress that goes with it.

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