Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Numbers Game

So my buddy from the Space Station Kia UnBuckled Synchronicity post and his family were driving ahead of us on a mini-holiday and we were supposed to call them once we were underway. When we called, it turns out they were only a minute ahead of us on the highway. He said to his wife, "That will show up on his blog as synchronicity" and she said "Isn't it more serendipity than synchronicity?" He explained the Space Station Kia post and then she understood why he had said it.

She returned to the book she was reading about a woman who was selecting a gift to bring to someone she was to meet in Japan. She read that one must be careful to choose the number of items related to the gift as some numbers could actually offend. For instance the number 4 is sometimes pronounced as shi, which means death.

As she was reading this, the commentator on the radio was introducing the business report and started off by saying, "Now we turn to Wall Street where we have some very bad numbers to look at...."


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