Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do you Hulu?

I've been decreasing my consumption of television viewing over the past dozen or so years to the point of rarely watching anything broadcast - except for the occasional Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs.

I never got into the Tivo DVR thing either but I have spent some time recently checking out free online viewing site Hulu.

Hulu brings together a large selection of videos from more than 100 content providers, including FOX, NBC Universal, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. and more. Users can choose from more than 900 current primetime TV hits such as The Simpsons, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Office the morning after they air, classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The A Team, Airwolf and Married...with Children, movies like Men in Black, Ghostbusters, and The Karate Kid, and clips from Saturday Night Live, Friends and other popular TV shows and movies.

It's also rated as one of the 5 best streaming TV sites according to this Lifehacker readers' poll.


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