Friday, September 05, 2008

It's Gotta Be The Shirt...

Call them t-shirts or tees, there are a lot of cool shirts out there to be had. In my day, we had to flip through pages of the novelty catalog or hang out at the half-clothing half-tobacco pipe shop to get unconventional tees. Or spend two week's minimum wage on a concert tee.

One of the coolest synergy stories I've read in a while was an article in Inc. about a couple guys who started Threadless. Basically, people submit their own custom designs, everyone votes on the most popular, and then that one is sold in limited quantity and then retired. Genius.

Some of the other offerings on the net include Funny T-Shirts from BustedTees and Snorg Tees.

My favorite from Snorg: "My Butt Hurts"

A couple of emerging ideas (which means I can't go there yet) are from these guys. Maybe I tripped on the Swedish avatar dress-up thing. It sounds naughty.

A new partnership between Swedish avatar dress-up site Stardoll and German t-shirt commerce site Spreadshirt allows users to take virtual clothes they create or see online and get them made into the real thing. Users will be able to take logos or graphics from popular labels in the Stardoll world and get them emblazoned on real-life t-shirts, hats and other items.


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