Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I was part of a discussion the other night where the idea of applying Systems Theory to church was presented. I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite PC games, SimCity. Most people are familiar with the hit series The Sims which it spawned or maybe some of the other simulations like SimEarth, SimAnt, SimCoaster, etc., but I was considering the prospect of a version of a SimChurch.

Here's how I imagined it:

You start off with choosing the basics; Deity, Religion, Size, Location.

From there, you start customizing your church with options such as:

o Red wine and bread
o Red juice and crackers
o Grape soda and tortilla chips

o Infant sprinkling
o Adult immersion
o Running through the sprinkler in t-shirt and gym shorts

Musical Instruments:
o Organ
o Piano
o Guitar -Electric -Acoustic
o Drums
o Bells
o Zither

Musical Style:
o Traditional Hymns
o Contemporary Music
o Gospel Choir
o Ska Band
o Jazz Fusion

Number of Services:
o 1 Sunday, 1 mid-week
o 2 Sunday, 1 mid-week
o 3 Sunday, 1 mid-week, 1 Saturday night
o 2 Sunday in winter, 1 in summer

Welcoming of:
o Everyone that God created
o Most everyone (with obvious exceptions)
o Everyone who looks and/or acts just like us

Once you start the simulation and people start showing up, you can introduce "scenarios" like:

o Nursery volunteers give toddlers cases of Twinkies and Red Bull
o Pancakes and Porn breakfast runs out of pancakes
o Motorcyle club takes over the chapel for their hangout
o Senior pastor gives sermon entirely in Gaelic gibberish
o Deacons strike oil on the property digging up dead bushes

I really didn't think this was an original idea of mine and I found a few examples on the net where people have had some fun with this concept:

Amazon sells MegaChurch PC Game

SimChurch Beta

Fantasy Church


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