Friday, October 12, 2007

Power Nap Dali-Style

This summer while in Trinidad, I honed my practice of power-napping to keep up with the young ones in the tropical heat. Whenever we had at least 15 minutes of downtime before the next activity, I'd dash off to the air-conditioned swamp, flop on my bed and listen with my eyes closed to a 10-15 minute ambient song like a stream or rain or crickets. Anyway, when the song ended, I'd wake up feeling rejuvenated.

The artist and napper Salvador Dali had an interesting nap technique, based on the idea that your body benefits from just getting to sleep as much as a couple of hours worth of dozing. He purportedley used a spoon to wake himself up just as he lost consciousness.

Here's how:
Sit in a comfy seat holding a spoon in your fingertips. You should be holding it in a way that when you lose consciousness (fall asleep) you drop it... the clatter (put a big metal bowl under your hand) will wake you.... and you're woken up JUST as you enter the best "dreamy" bit of your sleep. Then paint whatever you were dreaming about, I guess.


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Anonymous said...

That sounds maddening.