Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Indian Summer Memories

I thought of both of these Indian memories from my early childhood for no particular reason. I'm sure anyone who has seen either will never forget them. The first is a film based on the Caldecott honor book "Paddle-to-the-Sea" or "Voyage à la mer" (that's French). An Indian boy far from the shore carves a wooden paddler in a canoe and sets it on a watershed cruise to find the sea by way of the Great Lakes. On the bottom of the canoe, he carves the words, "I am Paddle-to-the-Sea. Please put me back in the water." This lends opportunity for a little help along the way and even a new paint job by one kind soul.

The second is a PSA against pollution. I always remember thinking, "Why is he walking so close to the highway?" and "Wow, those people threw away a lot of food."


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