Monday, September 11, 2006

Winged Migration

Every now and then, I see a movie that I feel compelled to tell others about. I think the last one I strongly referred to friends was the 1998 German film "Run Lola Run" because it was so different and so attention-grabbing. I just watched 2001's "Winged Migration" with my kids and it is an amazing film. (Synchronicity-speaking, there is a scene where a flock of geese are flying down the East River in New York City with the WTC in the background.)

I challenge you to watch the trailer and then not rent this movie. There is also an official site that has lots of information on the migratory patterns of the birds that were filmed. The filmakers and naturalists used the process of "filial imprinting" on some of the birds which allowed them to get incredibly close to these birds while not causing them harm or worry. Definitely worth the 90-minute investment vs 3 episodes of Spongebob.


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