Thursday, September 21, 2006

Glasses, Nose & Mustache Synchronicity

So these three guys I work with, let's call them Sean, Geoff and Kerven (not their real names) are across the street at a pub having lunch. The conversation turns to an obnoxious former colleague, let's call him Barney, who Sean ran into at a training course in Florida or somewhere. Geoff says, "Wow, if I ran into Barney at a training class, I wouldn't go talk to him - in fact, I would probably whip out a pair of those nose and mustache glasses so he wouldn't recognize me." As he was saying this, Kerven noted that the TV behind Sean and Geoff was at that moment, running the Get A Mac ad featuring the actor portraying the PC disguising himself with....a pair of those nose and mustache glasses.

Geoff then says, "Oh crap. Don't tell Milton or he'll put this on his #@&*# blog!"


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