Monday, May 15, 2006

Google Goes Trendy

Google has announced it's latest offering called Google Trends. With it you can analyze results of how many people were searching for what, when and where. For a simple example, you can see the rising interest in blogs over the past several years. You can even trend multiple items to see if a relationship exists, for example, New Year's Resolutions and Gyms. Or if you're a celebrity stalker, it's easy to see significant times in your favorite celeb's life. Or have your favorite celebs go head-to-head in a popularity deathmatch. (These names were chosen purely at random.)

Or...if you're like me, you'll use Google Trends to validate one of your hypotheses, such as confirming my suspicion that the townspeople of Consett in the northwest of County Durham, England, are smitten with monkeys.


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