Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Unpimp My Fargo Synchronicity

A friend of mine kept asking if I had seen the new VW ads for the Mark V GTI with the Unpimp My Ride theme ( you can watch them here ) and I had never seen them on TV. So he's over at my house and shows them to me on the Internet and we have a good laugh. Then we're channel surfing and we stop on the G4TV channel to watch a show from England called "Brainiac" where they do a pseudo MythBusters/Consumer Reports/Monty Python thing and 5 mins into the show they play one of the VW commercials we had just been watching.

A couple days later, I'm having lunch with another friend who had told me a couple of weeks ago that the movie "Fargo" was not based on a true story so I told him I had verified his statement by checking the trivia for the movie on IMDb. He said the Coen brothers were pure genius at marketing their product. I said, speaking of genius, have you seen the VW Mark V GTI campaign with the German scientist. He said he had only caught parts of it while channel surfing but recognized the guy as being one of his favorite bad guys in films. I told him I had no idea who he was. My friend looked him up on IMDb and found out that he is Swedish-born Peter Stormare and the number 1 rated movie that he was in was...."Fargo."

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