Saturday, December 24, 2005

Latest Productivity Black Hole

As one of my colleague's referred to them, Yahoo's new Widgets are "ridiculously cool!" Download the engine and then pick up a few more of the Widgets from the gallery. One of the guys responsible for most of the coolest ones is Arlo Rose. You can check out his blog at mouselabs.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Know your current events?

Take the quiz over at The Week magazine's site to test your knowledge. It's a quick 10 question look at news from around the world that will check how well you've been paying attention. It's updated every Friday so it's a good (and humbling) way to end the week.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Musical Selections

Here are a few audio related selections from around the web today:

Pandora is an interesting self-guided streaming radio station builder.

RocketFM is a sleek transmitter for your PC or Laptop via USB connection, which is offered by one of the best iPod accessories dealer, Griffin Technology.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Optical Illusions

Here's a guy who draws scenes on the sidewalk that you would swear are 3 dimensional...


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oracle Synchronicity

My wife and I were having breakfast at the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco where I was attending the Oracle conference. The HR recruiter that I had been working with to fill a vacant position on my team called to tell me that the candidate that we had made an offer to had just accepted. I hung up my cell phone and went back to eating my croissant and glanced out the window at the street sign. The bakery was at the corner of 5th & Jessie Street. The candidate's name was Jesse and he was an Oracle database administrator .


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Golf Synchronicity (Cont.)

My buddies and I have been going to Gaylord for over ten years to play a 4-man Skins golf game. This year we decided to break tradition and go to Lewiston and a resort called Garland. On Friday we usually try to get in 9 holes before dark so we went to the resort and asked if we could tee off on any of the four courses that were there. They asked us to play The Reflections course. A couple weeks later, I noticed that it had been awhile since I had pulled the pages off my golf course page-a-day calendar at my home office. This calendar has golf courses from all over the world. As I was pulling the pages off, there was a photo of one of the holes from The Reflections course. It was for the Wednesday before we played it.


Monday, December 05, 2005

Running Synchronicity

When I'm out running, I listen to my MP3 player in shuffle mode and I have around 125 songs loaded. The other day I was running my usual six mile loop around the lake and Relient K's "Falling Out" was playing. In that song there's a line "...and at every angle there's a Band-Aid." At the exact moment they were singing Band-Aid, I stepped on one that was stuck to the bike path that I was running on.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Manhatten Synchronicity

A golf trip I take every year is with a group of around 16 guys that go to Myrtle Beach. The cheap tickets we buy take us through New York's Laguardia airport. As our plane took off, I started paging through the November 2005 issue of The Atlantic Monthly. I looked out the window as we started to make a banked turned to the South and was treated to a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. When I returned to my magazine and flipped the next page there was an article on the statistics around the daily commuter traffic on and off the island of Manhattan. It included a map of the island that matched the overhead view I had out my window.


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