Sunday, July 31, 2005

Golf Synchronicity

A couple of Fridays ago, a colleague passed along the resume of a contractor that he was planning to bring in to do some work in his area. The contractor's name was Tom Watson. My name recognition trigger of course fired right away to the golfer Tom Watson. When I came home from work that night, I learned that my son had attended a nearby Senior PGA event and as I was reviewing the resume of Tom Watson the contractor that afternoon, he was having his hat signed by Tom Watson the golfer.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Life's Not Fair

How do you feel about your career and the contributions you've made to the world? It could be worse - you could be actress Angelina Jolie. Of her 19 movies that are included on the Rotten Tomatoes site, 16 of them were rotten. I feel pretty good about my portfolio and resume and yet Angelina will likely make more money in her next 12 minutes onscreen than I will in a lifetime and if her track record holds, it will be in a rotten movie.

C'est la Vie

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Synchronicity (cont.)
I have some friends that were celebrating their 40th birthday so we found ourselves at a local restaurant enjoying good food and fine wine until someone, in fact it might have been me, decided to order a round of "jagerbombs" which is essentially 1 shot of Jagermeister and 1/2 can of Red Bull. Although I had heard of Red Bull before, this was in fact the first time that I had ever tried one. Nine days later, I found myself on vacation with my family touring on a bus to the shooting locations used in the movie "The Sound of Music" in Austria. On our way to one of the remote lakes used in the opening scene, the tour guide says "If you now look out the right side of the bus you will see that we are passing the headquarters of Red Bull in Fuschl am See (pop. 1,344)."